The Story Behind the Love Bracelet: Sunshine and Rain.

by Marsha Glover

I was set to post a blog yesterday morning that my daughter and I debated on the title “hashtag 30s Goals: Bigger Breast and Whiter Teeth.”  I decided to hold on posting after viewing all the images on IG regarding Libya.  The images are disturbing but I am at a loss for words, as many of us are, of how did this come to be and what are the solutions…how do we help?  Prior to viewing these pictures my husband surprised me with a sentimental gift.  We were passing by Cartier and he directed my attention to the window where alongside a beautiful bracelet was a note.  

As I took a closer look I noticed it was my name and words that said “My love for you is infinite..Ryan”.  

It was truly a “Pretty Woman” moment; and I was on a high!  Years ago Ryan mentioned to me his desire to purchase the Cartier Love bracelet as a Christmas Gift.  I convinced him not to, not because I didn’t want such a beautiful iconic bracelet BUT because we had more pressing financial priorities; kids in private school and other things we were trying to do that I believed were wiser expenditures.  Years later he surprised me and when I asked why?  He responded “Because of the sacrifices you made for the family in the past.”  I was on a high…..then hours later viewing the Libya pictures I came down some.  I started recollecting that I had been here before many times…”The high low effect.”  On my 25th birthday I had major plans and was looking forward to celebrating big.  I was also living in NYC and my birthday… 9/11.  Instead of the exciting plans I had planned, I spent most of my birthday trapped on a highway with my best friend in a car listening to the radio about events unfolding and watching across the water as the first tower collapsed.  I also recollected something I told a patient in my pysch rotation years ago when he mention he gets depressed because every time something good happens to him that happiness doesn’t last because something bad will later happen.  He spent his life not appreciating the good because he was busy fearing the worst.  My response, “Yes the sun shines today and Yes I know at some point in the forecast there will be rain maybe even a storm but after the rain the sun will shine again.”  We need the rain as much as we need the sun because thats how we grow.  Therefore it has to rain for us to grow.  Without those pictures we would have not known about the turmoil in Lybia and now that it is exposed we can make a change and grow.  I also noted that in my low points I always had love around me reminding that there is good in this world.  That same love gives you hope and will get you through your low points in life.  

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  • Ryan "Big Daddy" Glover November 30, 2017 at 11:41 am

    And my next gift to you is your very own bank account…just like Goldie gave out in the movie The Mack! 🙂 All love babe.

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