How to Find Balance in Your Home and Career… My 2023 Planner.

by Marsha Glover

Dear Diary,

Every year I purchase a planner with the intention of getting organize. Organization to a detail oriented Virgo is key to preventing a life of chaos or being unbalanced.  I think for most people happiness is acheiving a balanced lifestyle. For most women, that means finding a balance between home and career, something I struggle with often.   Any given day I struggle with balancing the scales of my family lifestyle and my career ambitions. When it seems as I am kicking ass as a mom, homework, dinner, they have the right clothes for the weather and Zach’s pant is not expecting a flood. I get a call, my store in Jamaica is low on inventory, that I promised two months ago and the wire for Payroll has not been sent.  Vice versa, when my career seems to be thriving then something at home needs my attention. How do I balance home and career ?  Can the two coexist successfully, or are do we sacrifice one for the betterment of the other?

I may not have the answer to the question of balancing career and home, nor have I found the right organizer to help me with balance.  However, I have learned that when I have too many things I am juggling, to stop and remember my purpose in doing.    

 They’re people who feel accomplished if they complete all the tasks on their calendar, regardless if the tasks does not suit their purpose.  Day after day they fill their calendar with tasks that they believe their title demands of them, or society deems of them.  For example, I made my kids breakfast this morning and they were on time to school.  The fact that I made breakfast and they ate, I should feel accomplished, right ?  However, what if I told you it was cereal and donuts that had more than 25 grams of sugar. The daily value of sugar for children, is 25 grams. In one serving I would’ve given the daily value, and my kids, who got to school on time, are tired by math class coming down from their sugar rush.  We have to Stop and remember the purpose of why we do the task we do. Stop running on the hamster wheel with out a destination.  When adding tasks to your agenda, stop and think about the purpose of the task.  If it does not serve your purpose then don’t do it.