The Book that was never written… Wasted Potential.

by Marsha Glover

Writing the Story…

Dear Diary,

Most mornings  on my way to carpool, the kids and I listen to a morning Radio Show.  We particularly love this show because of the funny stories they curate and tell.  However, one morning after the holidays, the laughter we were accustomed to from the morning show had on this particular morning had been replaced with sad tones. The Radio host told the story of his mother passing and how he did not find out about her passing until two days after she had passed.

The Radio Host was separated from his family, specifically his parents because as he told it, his father was a Narcissist.   When he was younger, his mother was not her true artistic self around him when his father was present.  His dad’s need for admiration and superiority did not allow it.  The Radio Host told his listeners the most memorable moments he shared with his mother one on one, were the moments like his trip to the dentists. The times spent alone with his mother, he got to appreciate how brilliant a mind she was.  She was a story teller who had the greatest Point of View of the world, per her son.  He attributed his career as a journalist to what he learned from his mother.  Now with her passing he stated “the world will never have that book she could’ve written with her brilliant POV…. Her Potential was wasted…she never stepped from behind my father’s shadow).”

The Radio host continued to ask his audience in honor of his mother to not waste their talent or have it overshadowed by someone else.  He urged them to let the world know their story from your point of view.

Last year, 6 months prior to my aunt’s passing, she lived with my family and I while she received her chemotherapy treatment,   During the process her sister, another of my aunts, suggested she documented her cancer journey in a book that she (my other aunt) would help her publish.  My aunt when she told me of this idea stated she was not ready to journal her journey with cancer.  However when she is ready to write her story she wanted to do it with me. She later passed, without us taking the time to sit together to write her story.   

My aunt was my business mentor and the driving force to me opening my boutique in Jamaica.  I look back in amazement of how we were able to accomplish so much in the 6 months she was with us, especially under such grave circumstances. Most people including myself waste a lot of time not tapping into their potential because we don’t take the time to do so or we let someone or something  stand in the way. Like the Radio Host, wasted potential saddens me, especially for those we’ve loved and lost.   However I would say to the same Radio host was it truly wasted potential if it impacted or empowers someone else success.  ie you’re a successful Radio Host.

Potential like energy is transferable.  When you’re able to empower someone else with your talent, potential is not wasted it lives on.