Humble and Hungry: Tea and Dirty Laundry

by Marsha Glover

July 17th marked the one month anniversary of the launch of my blog. I am actually doing this!!!  In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned the hardest part is starting. I still consider that to be a true statement but it does not end there. That statement was not to say that the road to success is easy or gets easier once you start. If that was true then musicians would not be apprehensive about a sophomore album or there would be no such thing as a “one hit wonder”. I do understand that the road to success is a uphill climb and a marathon not a sprint. I am still however grateful for the response I have had to my blog over the first month. I am thankful for everyone who clicked on the site, read a post, commented on the site, IG or sent me an encouraging text. I started this blog as a vehicle to promote my entrepreneural efforts (NEWDE) and also because I love to write. When considering the idea of a “lifestyle blog,” I wanted it to speak to my true lifestyle as a mom and entrepreneur aka “mompreneur.”  I was apprehensive at first if anyone would be interested in my story but was encourage to share because if I could help one person then it  would be worth it.  I so appreciate the comments sharing how something I said empathized or helped with a personal situation.
Today a friend of mine mentioned to me that she reads my blogs and is apprehensive that I am going to write something about her one day that would “tell her business”.  She stated she read my blog “Bitch Stole My Picnic Basket” and she know it was about our friend.  I told her stay tuned!!  I did ease her apprehension when I told her that the friend that is mentioned read the blog before it was published. I can’t deny, I have had a call out or two about something I wrote in a blog. I have always welcomed constructive criticism but prefer it be constructive and not just criticism.  My former Boss use to say “bring me solutions not problems.”   Constructive criticism helps me to grow in all aspects of my life which includes as a writer.   I also try my best to respect privacy because I expect mutual respect. I write stories from the heart and when it comes from the heart its sincere and not malice.  I don’t write my blogs to share “tea” or air dirty laundry.

My blogs are written to share stories that others may relate to and hopefully find comfort or encouragement. That is my purpose! Someone said recently always remain “humble and hungry” when trying to achieve greatness. I so believe this statement to be true. I am humbled by the numerous response over the first month and hungry to achieve more. I hope you continue to read and share… Looking forward to the months ahead and many more anniversaries!!  

I don’t wear glasses; It was just for the pic lol.   I do like the above picture because it represents me seeing what I write through different lenses.

Thank you for reading…!!!




  • Robin July 19, 2017 at 9:38 am

    I just love your blog posts.. such transparency.

    • Marsha Chin-Glover July 30, 2017 at 11:09 am

      Thank you Robin!

  • Ryan Glover July 19, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Well Done MCG! Keep up the good work babe!

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