Hashtag 30’s Goals: Straight teeth and Bigger Breast.

by Marsha Glover

30’s Goals: Straight teeth and Bigger Breast…

In my twenties, I can recall “handwriting” a list of 10 items I wanted to have by the time I turned 30.  The bad thing about writing things down on paper is that you can lose it and sure enough, I did..  It was, of course found by the last person I would not want to find it…. My boss at the time…   I can recall 6 out of the 10… Now that I am past my 20’s, I can take an inventory of what was accomplished!  Not in any particular order, here they are:

1. Working in a career job that I am truly passionate about; one that I love waking up in the morning looking forward to working. My boss didn’t fire me after finding my “Goals for 30” list, so I was employed for the rest of my 20’s.  I can argue to say that maybe if she did fire me, I would have pursued that passionate job. But on the other hand I can argue, I could’ve been a starving artist with a child.   Looking back, I think it was all God’s timing.  Although, I had a goal to be in a role that I am passionate about and did not achieve that until recently, I know now that it may not have happened when I wanted but it happened right on time.

2.  Have 10K in the bank by 30.  I wrote this letter when I was 28 years old and don’t know about any other 28 years old women who were single mothers, paying rent, car note, student loans and love fashion, but for me back then to have 10k sitting in the bank was a struggle…  After moving to Georgia and taking a 30K pay cut, most of my savings if not all was depleted.  However, I worked extra shifts when I could and worked a second job as an RN per Diem.  With that said, I did check this goal box ;-).  It would have been more than 10K but I had other goals like getting a boob job and straightening my teeth…lol… just kidding…

3. Pay down my student loan significantly.  This was an unrealistic goal considering I wrote this at 28 and only had 2 years to make a significant dent on a large sum.  However, as I said before it’s all in Gods timing… I just recently paid off my student loans!!!·

4. Have my teeth straightened and whitened

Goal Completed, Checked & Depleted!!!!  I got braces at 27 and whitened my teeth two years post.

5. Have bigger breast (breast implants)  Now at first read, some would judge and say you should be happy with your natural breast, what God gave you… To that I say you did not know me when I was a size A (Size A prior to my first child, less than A after) and God also gave us Plastic Surgeons lol.  I did get breast implants prior to 30 and I did it for me! Not because of the jokes about my boobs that started in middle school like “you don’t need a bra you just need contact lenses and tooth pics.”  I did not do it to find a husband either (remember that was not on my list).  I truly just got tired of wearing super padded bras, cutlets, and socks in my bra (when I was a teenager lol). I love fashion and wanted my clothes to fit certain way.

6. Have a house in my name by 30.  Another goal that I truly believe was in God’s timing.  I was actually on my way to accomplishing this goal but walked away from the closing.  I was a victim of what is called a “Bait and Switch” by a crooked loan officer/agent.  I was promised one rate and by the time we were to close on a new construction, the rate was much higher.  A higher interest rate meant a higher mortgage and one that was out of my budget.  I later found out that this loan officer made more money on a higher interest rate.  You should know that banks make their money off the interest of your loan; so the higher the rate the more money they make.  This loan officer was also flooding my credit with inquiries because he was shopping my loan to the highest bidder over the months we were waiting to finish building to close.

When you’re in your twenties they’re a lot of people that will try to take advantage of you. Being a female makes it more advantageous for the abuser.  However, my mother didn’t raise no fool, so I knew to cut my losses.  I did end up losing my Ernest money.  However, I would’ve rather take a loss of $2500 than to lose $200K and mess up my credit for years.

I say it’s all God’s timing because my goal of homeownership although accomplished years after I wanted it to, its much more rewarding.  I am in a better financial situation, more educated about home ownership and now have a home with a larger family, not just a house with my name on it!!!

Set Goals for yourself at the point you are now to envision what you would like the next chapter to be.  No matter how silly or far fetch your goals may seem, write them down and  as long as you live in your truth and not someone else’s you will achieve.  In addition writing your goals down gives you a chance to reflect on where you were then and where you are now. The most important lesson I have learned is that its all in God’s timing.


  • Trina December 5, 2017 at 9:31 am

    I wish that everyone would make goals and stuck to the higher ones.

  • Brooklyn December 5, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Great read! Nothing like setting goals and accomplishing them. Most importantly recognizing when it’s not in your control, it’s His!!!

  • Ryan Glover December 5, 2017 at 11:12 am


  • Nija Deans January 9, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    Thank for this! I really needed to read this! You just gave me hope?

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