Bring Your Sexy Back: Sexy Does Not End With I Do!

by Marsha Glover

 Of course today I wandered in the store and what is up…Valentines Day candy. I didn’t pick up any candy; however it inspired me to give some advice to my newly married ladies out there or even those women in relationships.
One of the rewards of being married is you are allowed to be as sexy as you want to be. Early in my marriage I didn’t quite embrace how empowering that really is. I was lost at one point in the early stages of intimacy with my husband. My husband hated when I would come to bed in sweats and a tee shirt. One night I tried to surprise him with a sexy maid lingerie/costume that I got as a gift from my bridal shower. He woke up from his sleep, looked up and said “what do you have on?” Then he placed his head back on the pillow and said “come to bed.” This is when I learned being sexy is not being someone else. I am not a maid so why would I think my husband would be fantasizing about the maid. My husband didn’t like the sweats and tee shirt…he didn’t like the maid costume so the happy medium was lingerie that tells my story… [insert cheap plug for Newde lingerie here ?].

I think that as women we sometimes lose our men thinking that sexiness ends once you say “I do”… in the words of my mother “I am going to be sexy until mi dead” (said in her Jamaican accent). Ok so we give up our sexy clothing for lulu lemon tights and caftans and rely on other women in the strip clubs or in the media to provide fantasies for our significant others ?. I don’t know about you ladies but I always want to be what my husband (or significant other for my ladies not married) fantasizes about.
You know the saying “make sure you always wear good underwear in the event…”  Should that saying not also apply to our relationships? Sexy does not end with I do it only gets better. This is not to say that I wear my nude top with my nipples showing to the next PTA meeting. All I am saying is lets let our significant others fantasize of what lies underneath. Spend sometime finding that lingerie that makes you feel confident in your own skin and bring your sexy back.


Newde is my lingerie line I created with a vision of empowering women to bringing their sexy back or hell, maintain how sexy they already feel. Sexy to me is not wearing clothing that exposes your assets nor is to mimic someone else. Sexy is being confident in your own skin. I make clothing to accentuate a woman’s curves; clothing for women to wear not for them to be a billboard for. So ladies remember these tips from Marsha:

1. Let’s leave the sweatpants out of the bed.

2. Embrace your sexy and be your mates fantasy every chance you get.

3. Don’t wear your nipples out at the PTA meeting (if you do don’t say Marsha suggested it).



  • Robin January 23, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    Love this article ❤️_she_soo_fab

  • Marsha January 24, 2018 at 11:08 pm

    Excellent tips!! I am single now but will keep this in mind when my “him” comes along. Be my own sexy self!! ?? Thanks Marsha

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