Bitch Stole My Picnic Basket…

by Marsha Glover

Recently my girlfriend, brought to a concert at the park, a picnic basket that I loved and quite honestly was more functional and cuter than mine.  She made the mistake of telling me where she purchased it and I went the next day and found one of my own.   She saw a picture of me with the picnic basket and called me to say, “I saw you bought the basket… “.  I knew she really wanted to say Bitch you stole my picnic basket! 

When we were young it was popular to wear matching outfits.  My best friend and I would coordinate our outfits down to the same color.  We would even shop for the SAME exact outfits in the SAME color to wear on the SAME day.  I can recall taking pics in the school hallways wearing the same top, skirt, tights and even shoes.  This was not a private school or uniforms were not mandated.  We just chose to wear the same outfits.  Don’t let there be a field trip…!  We would be so excited to call each other the night before and plan to dress alike. 

Years later, we grew older and wearing the same outfits transitioned into “Bitch you stole my look”.  We would still call each other with questions of “what are you wearing ?…” however, not for the purpose of showing up in the same outfit,  but to make sure we didn’t show up in the same outfit.   When we shop we now desired exclusivity and to be the originators in our circle.  I fell victim to this in my twenties because I so desperately wanted my own identity and to set my own trend.  I began to develop my own sense of style.

As we matured and grew out of our twenties, we went from “Bitch stole my look” to “Bitch stole my picnic Basket!”  We now went from identifying ourselves, not just thru our fashion, but thru our lifestyles.  We desire exclusivity in our home goods, travel and even our day to day.  


  • Debra Chin June 16, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    I need that shirt and basket.

  • Debi Chin June 16, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    I need that shirt and basket.

    • Marsha Chin-Glover June 19, 2017 at 6:23 am

      The Shirt is from Zara and the basket from Homegoods… My girlfriend is probably going to talk about me for sharing where I got the basket but hey there is room for all of us to be Fabulous and have picnics lol 🙂

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